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Do You Work For A Tyrant Boss?

Let a Workplace Expert Show You How To Take Control


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2010 Silver Medal Winner - Axiom Business Book Awards

2010 Gold Medal Winner - Rebecca's Reads Book Awards

2010 Honorable Mention - ReaderViews Book Award

2009 Silver Medal Winner - Readers Favorite Book Awards


"This book is a terrific and practical guide to dealing with bosses, and demonstrates a remarkable talent by Deblauwe to understand where key elements of power are focused in the workplace."


"Tangling with Tyrants identifies and explains dysfunctional relationship roles, what behaviors will adversely affect an employee, and actually changing the relationship dynamics with enduring, practical, applicable solutions."

-Midwest Book Review

"Tangling with Tyrants offers hope and alternatives for people who may think quitting is the only option for dealing with a bad boss."

-Foreword Magazine

"A Must Have!"


Available as paperback, PDF and Kindle!

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Bad Boss Trend?

Faced with the toughest economic landscape we've seen in years, employers and workers are under a great deal of strain. Long hours, a tight budget, and fear of job loss can make everyone tense. Now is the time when you need to be at your most productive. Unfortunately, a bad boss can undermine your ability to work effectively and efficiently. Poor communication skills, lack of direction, micromanaging, bullying - any of these traits can make a boss difficult to work with.

Working for a Tyrant boss can affect your job satisfaction and quality of life. Here are some of the feelings you may experience when you have to work for a difficult and demanding boss every day:








I Know Exactly How You Feel

I used to work for a Tyrant boss. At first, I thought there was nothing I could do to improve that situation. I needed my job at the time because of a tough job market - quitting wasn't an option.

Through applying different techniques, I discovered how to change the way I interacted with my boss to achieve the outcomes I wanted. As a Human Resources professional, I have also had the opportunity to study workplace conflict on a company wide scale.

My experience taught me that effective communication is the #1 key to high productivity. This is true on a personal level and for whole organizations. Now, I am ready to share that information with you.

You Are In Charge Of How You Communicate

You donít have to wait for your boss to start this process. Instead, you can take control and learn how to improve your relationship right now. My book is a step-by-step handbook that will show you how to do just that.

This straightforward guide covers:

         The characteristics of a bad boss

         How your boss is sabotaging your ability to be productive

         Ways you may be unknowingly contributing to this problem

         Powerful techniques for reinventing your relationship with your boss

What You Can Expect

I am confident that you will see results from applying the principles in ďangling with TyrantsĒin your workplace. Improved communication with your boss, greater productivity, and increased job satisfaction are just a few of the benefits you can experience from using this simple and effective system that is:

         Practical - tips you can start using immediately

         Field tested - all techniques were used by actual employees to get results

         Wide audience - this book is great for employees, managers, and human resources

         Game changer - you'll be more effective fast

I look forward to hearing your feedback and comments, so please visit my contact page to drop me a line.

To Your Success!

Tony Deblauwe